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Airline safety card

I went through a stage of being a really nervous flyer. Nervous to the extent of almost throwing up before boarding a plane and sitting in my seat praying that the plane wouldn’t crash. Unfortunately this phase coincided with the round-the-world trip that my husband and I took in 1998. In a one month period […]

Infant seat belts

Belly Belts
Babies under 2 are not generally given a seat and must sit on your lap. You may be lucky enough to have a spare seat next to you but during takeoff and landing your baby will need to restrained.
Most airlines will offer you a lap belt that you attach to your own […]

Air safety links

Air safety

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Secrets of Flying Smart

by C LaRoy
When you fly on the commercial airlines of the United States, you are flying on the safest, most efficient form of transportation. When the rare accident does occur, more and more people survive due to advances in aircraft manufacturing and design, air traffic control technology, emergency planning, and […]

Travel Safely With Your Baby

by Elysiana Canlas
Are you planning to go on a trip? This might mean spending a few days or even weeks away from home, and if you are a new parent, you might feel hesitant to go out. If ever you decide to travel, having your baby in tow might affect your whole trip altogether. Here […]

Minimum age for newborn to fly

So what’s the minimum age for a newborn baby to take a flight?
There is no standard minimum age restriction for babies flying on aircraft. These restrictions are set by individual airlines - for example on Air Canada a baby must be 7 days old, whereas on Alaska Airlines there is no age restriction. Some airlines […]