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Travel Safely With Your Baby

by Elysiana Canlas


Are you planning to go on a trip? This might mean spending a few days or even weeks away from home, and if you are a new parent, you might feel hesitant to go out. If ever you decide to travel, having your baby in tow might affect your whole trip altogether. Here are some tips that will help you manage your child’s safety when travelling and at the same time, this will also allow you to enjoy your trip more.


Travel by car


If you are going for a road trip, it is imperative that you acquire a safety seat for your baby. This is essential not only when having long drives but also when you are going to the nearby grocery or restaurant. As they say, you can never be too sure when it is your child’s safety that is on the line. It is not advisable for you to buy a used baby seat. This is because you are not assured about the seat’s ability to keep your baby safe. It may even have defects that are hidden from view. Always get brand new baby seats that have been tested and certified to be of good quality. Avoid placing the baby seat in a seat that has airbags. Airbags can cause injuries to your baby during a crash instead of keeping him or her safe.


Air Travel


A nightmare situation that all parents try to avoid is when their child begins crying its lungs out while inside the aircraft. It does not only make your trip a hassle, it also disturbs the other people on board. This can be avoided by making sure that all your baby’s needs are provided. The baby should have eaten before boarding, is wearing a dry diaper, and totally comfortable. If the baby has no reason to fret, it will just sleep for the duration of the flight.


Ear discomfort during aircraft elevation and landing


A lot of babies are affected by the imbalance in air pressure caused by the aircraft’s takeoff and landing. This can be complicated if the baby is currently suffering from asthma, fever, or the common cold. What the parent should do is to motivate the baby to open its mouth and swallow. This can be done by providing something for the baby. This aids in soothing the baby as well as the leveling of the pressure on the eardrum from the outside as well as in the interior of the ear.


Eating during the flight


Make sure to test the temperature of the food provided by the flight attendant, it is usually too hot for the baby to eat. It is better for you to carry baby food yourself as well as the utensils and baby bowl. This also helps in settling down your baby since it is eating something familiar in an unfamiliar environment. Disposable bibs come in very handy when feeding your baby on board since it is less hassle and messy.


Immunization concerns


Before traveling, you should be careful to check whether your baby’s immunization schedule is up to date. Make sure to coordinate with the family doctor before you leave and ask for advice. If you are travelling abroad, it is best for you to seek advice from the local travel clinic near you a few months before you travel. This is because your child might need extra vaccine shots depending on the country or state you will be visiting.


Remember, traveling with your baby can either be a nightmare or an enjoyable event. Always anticipate what you might need for any situation and always be ready to improvise. By taking into account all your child’s needs, your trip need not be stressful and a great hassle.




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