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Flying with Baby is a website for parents who fly, or or considering flying, with small children.

The website made its debut as a successful blog featuring travel stories and travel tips from website designer Andy.

Over the last seven years Andy has taken several trips within Australia and across the world with her kids - as babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Friends have since asked for advice on what to pack and how to survive a long haul flight and so she compiled all of her tips and began a blog on the subject.

In November 2006 Andy decided to consolidate all of the information from her blog and create a new website: Flying with Baby!

In April 2007 the site was recommissioned as a blog / e-zine format. This will enable us to add information in a more timely fashion.


All of the tips are from personal experience - either Andy’s or from people contributing to this site.

If you have a tip or travel story to share then contact us - we would love to hear from you!


Andy is an Australian mother of three young children - Loll who was born in 1999, Zavvy who was born in late 2004 and Miss Nic, who joined the family in July 2007. As a child Andy lived in the UK and in Sweden and has travelled throughout Europe and North America, with stopovers in Asia.

Andy is also a part-time librarian/researcher and using these skills to source relevant information for this site. She also runs a website copywriting and design service - for more information see her website: Zavvy Designs

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DISCLAIMER: Any information provided on this website is not intended to replace qualified travel advice. For advice on airline ticket prices, travel routes, and medical travel information please consult a qualified practitioner. It is worth checking with your country’s foreign affairs department for any travel warnings and advice - in Australia, refer to DFAT