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New arrival and new site

In July 2007 the FWB family welcomed its newest member - little Nicola. She took her maiden flight from Sydney to Perth in January 2008. The Flying with Baby website has also been updated with a new look and new content - take a look around!

Taking the show on the road

For travellers without kids (and this includes parents who leave their kids at home), a vacation is a time to relax, to forget about timetables and schedules and to live each day as it comes. You can choose to stay up until 2am partying because you can sleep in the next morning - your only […]

Best time to fly - part I

One of the most frequently asked questions about travelling with an infant is what is the best time to fly.

There are lots of differing opinions on this matter, however I believe that it really depends not only on the age of your child, but also on the sleeping habits of your child.

Read more about the best time to fly…

Stress Free Airline Travel

By: maxine greco
These are some simple tips to make airline travel more stress-free. By planning ahead, and following the airline rules and regulations, you should be able to have an enjoyable trip. While you cannot always be prepared for the unexpected delay, by following these suggestions you’ll be ready to enjoy your travel time […]

Learn from my mistakes - Paris part 2

Migraines and air travel don’t mix.On the day of our big flight I was attempting to keep a bad migraine at bay with headache tablets. I even stocked up with some more at the chemist in the departure lounge. But still it was there, throbbing away.
We boarded our Qantas plane from Sydney to Bangkok the […]

Learn from my mistakes - Part IV - Paris 2003

After over 24 hours in the air we finally touched down at Paris-CDG Airport on a cold November morning. As we followed a group of Canadian exchange students through immigration into the baggage hall I felt my migraine ebb slightly. We had arrived!As we watched everyone else pick up the luggage from the carousel I […]

Learn from my mistakes - Part 3 - Bangkok to London

Even though, at four and a half, Loll had long since been toilet trained, I decided that it was safer for him to wear a pull-up on the plane is case of accidents. I was also worried that he might “really need to go” during turbulence when we would be unable to leave our seats. […]

Europe 2003 - learn from my mistakes! Part I

Sometimes, in spite of all your planning and good intentions, things go wrong. Our trip to Europe (Paris, Amsterdam and London) in November 2003 in a good example. A series of (what seem to be now) almost comical errors made this trip one never to forget.
I’ll be writing up this trip over the next few […]

Riding the teacups - Disneyland Paris - 2003

When you grow up in Australia, at the bottom of the world, other countries seem a long, long way away. When I was a small child, a trip to Disneyland - something that many Americans take for granted - seemed an impossibility. Few people that I knew had ever been overseas. And yet we all […]

Do You Make These Air Travel Mistakes?

You’re sitting at home thinking about tomorrow’s plane journey. Remember last time ? Remember how you felt when you arrived ? Aggravated, stressed, hot, tired, needing a couple of days to recover ? Did you make these mistakes ?