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Lessons learned - Adelaide 2006

Not every trip is going to turn out as well as you think it might - even with the best planning.Our trip to Adelaide this past weekend was the perfect example.
Everything was packed and ready to go the night before. We had an early flight (840am) and left home at just before 630 - plenty […]

Waiting for baggage - Adelaide 2004

I’ve spent a lot of time waiting for bags in airports and I’ve managed to lose my bags on several occasions (I am a pro at filling in baggage claim forms in several languages!). My family always joke that I am cursed when it comes to travel and bags.
In February 2004 we took Loll on […]

It had to happen … part 2

ravel stories - Perth 2006This entry has been delayed by the loss of my notebook - I managed to leave it on the table in a busy cafe last week.
After our disastrous flight over to Perth I was hoping for a much less eventful return flight. My mum took the kids to the local park […]

It had to happen … I missed the plane!

You know, looking back over my travel history I’m beginning to think that I’m cursed in some way. So far I’ve managed to be delayed several times, had a plane turn back to a closer destination because of ‘technical difficulties’, missed connecting flights, lost my bags on numerous occasions and once I managed to somehow […]