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Generally speaking your stroller will need to be checked in as luggage. Some airlines and airports allow you to take your stroller to the gate. They will then place it in the plane’s hold (cargo area).


Many airlines still allow people with babies and small children to board before everyone else. This means that you avoid the inevitable queuing and crowding in the aisles and get first choice of the overhead lockers. However, it also means that you are on the plane for a longer amount of time.If you have a […]

Passports for baby

Here are some links to information about applying for passports for babies:
USA - Special requirements for minors - US Dept of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs
Canada - Passports for Children - Passports Canada
Australia - Children’s Passports - Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Passports
United Kingdom - Applying for a child passport - Home Office, UK […]

Tip - at the airport

If you are able to take your stroller to the gate then it will need to pass through the security gates and will be searched. Your baby will also need to be taken out of the stroller and carried through the security gates - even if they are asleep. Make sure you don’t have too […]

Tip - boarding the plane

If you aren’t going to pre-board then wait until most of the other passengers have boarded so that you don’t get stuck in the traffic jam inside the plane.

Tip - arriving

Always carry a spare t-shirt for yourself and your partner in case of spills on the plane (extremely likely if you have a lapsit baby!). Get changed once you land - chances are that you will have a long wait at immigration and at the baggage carousel anyway. I generally avoid using the toilets before […]

Tip - passport control

Fill in your entry cards before the plane lands. Make sure you have filled in both sides and every section - don’t forget to sign it! This saves a lot of time at immigration control.

Tip - passports

Have all of your passports in a readily accessible spot - I like to put my entry card inside my passport (and the kids) to mark the photo page. This makes it easier for the customs officer and gets you through the process quicker.

Tip - clearing customs

If you are like me then you will probably have foodstuffs like biscuits (cookies) or even fruit stashed in the pockets of your stroller. Remember to empty these before you pass through customs (or better still, before you check in your stroller) to avoid any fines for breaking quarantine regulations - this applies even between […]