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Zip lock bags

I’ve already written about plastic shopping bags, which can come in handy during a flight for various purposes. Now I’m going to tell you about another plastic bag which is an invaluable packing tool - the humble ziploc bag.

Cabin Bag Essentials: The plastic shopping bag

If you have read any of my other articles on what to pack in your cabin luggage then you will be familiar with the plastic shopping bag. You may be wondering why I recommend this. There is a simple reason - it’s a very versatile and useful thing to have at your disposal during a flight.

Seat pocket essentials

When I take my seat on the plane I find it useful to pull out the things that I am most likely to need during the flight and place them in the pocket of the seat in front of you (located on the bulkhead wall for bulkhead seats). I call these the seat pocket essentials. […]

Dressing baby for the flight

Tips on how to dress baby for a long haul flight