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Things to do with an airline air sick bag

The humble air sick bag makes a great toy for bored kids on a flight.

Urban legends about flying

Is a baby born in-flight given free air travel by the airline for the rest of his/her life?
Apparently there is an urban legend that says that the “real” reason that airlines don’t allow women to fly in late pregnancy is because if a baby is born on the plane the airline will have to give […]

Places I have been..


Here’s a nifty little web tool that allows you to map either the US states you have visited or the countries you have visited.Here are the results for me (both with and without the kids):

Note that I couldn’t choose Hong Kong by itself and so it shows the whole of China.

Here are the countries that […]

Letters of complaint

Seat 29EMore from Snopes (Urban Legends Reference Pages):
This funny entry describes the experience of a passenger in seat 29e on a Continental Airlines flight. This seat was extremely close to the toilets and the passenger describes in great detail how disgusted he was by the smells etc.
For full effect - see the PDF of the […]