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Vacation in comfort with kids

Freelance writer David Leonhardt offers ideas to travel in comfort with the kids.
Three ways to reduce the stress and relax while away from home It takes a special person to travel with kids – a parent. Children have their own needs. Their idea of a vacation is more “adventurous” than […]

On arrival - the two day rule

One of the ‘rules’ that I try to abide by when travelling with my kids is to have enough essential supplies* to get us through the first two days after arrival at our desination - I call this the “two day rule”.

Traveling with a Baby-What Were You Thinking?

By Eriani Doyel
Once you start making preparations for traveling with a baby, you may begin to have second thoughts about the trip. But, do not despair! Parents have been traveling with a baby in tow for thousands of years, and that experience is available to help you now. Here are some of the simplest tips […]

Traveling with your Baby – Ten Tips to make it an Enjoyable Experience For The Family

by Gregg Hall
Getting ready for a family vacation with a baby? Many things can make the trip a more enjoyable experience, depending on the age of the child. Of course, if the baby is still in diapers then having a good supply of diapers and baby wipes is a necessity. Bottled water for drinking and […]

International Travel Tips For The Best Family Vacations - Part 3

by Jim Johnson
Traveling in foreign countries can be a wonderful, uplifting experience that will never be forgotten, but there are also perils and difficulties that can arise on any trip, especially those that are outside your own country. In part 2 of this article series we discussed how to prevent sickness from local foods and […]

International Travel Tips For The Best Family Vacations - Part 2

by Jim Johnson
Traveling abroad has it’s own rewards and challenges and it’s good to think and plan ahead for any trip outside the boundaries of your own country if you don’t want unpleasant surprises to crop up. In Part 1 of this article series we covered several tips on what paperwork may be needed as […]

International Travel Tips For The Best Family Vacations - Part 1

by Jim Johnson
Just traveling anywhere presents a certain amount of challenges to make sure that all goes well, but international travel introduces even more variables into the mix that require advance planning to successfully navigate. Of course, traveling in other countries can constitute some of the most memorable times of our life so the rewards […]

Packing tip!

Pack a plastic shopping bag in your cabin luggage to use as a garbage bag during the flight.

Tip - on the plane

If you are on a plane with individual TV screens and you are going to use the bassinette make sure that you pull up the TV screen before the bassinette is installed, otherwise you won’t be able to watch TV!

Tip - toilets

The toilets are their busiest after the trays have been collected from meal service (all those free glasses of wine and second cups of tea or coffee!) and for the hour before landing (people using those free toothbrushes to freshen up). The toilets are at their quietest when the lights go out as people are […]