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Cambridge - March 2000

We had planned to make an early start to our trip to Cambridge but somehow managed to sleep in! Still we rushed about getting organised and caught the Tube to Kings Cross station where we purchased day return tickets to Cambridge. After a spot of confusion and wandering between platforms we found our train. Luckily it was an express service and so it the journey only took about 50 minutes. I travelled facing backwards for most of the journey which made me feel a bit sick and my ears kept popping which was a strange sensation.When we arrived in Cambridge we boarded a double decker bus bound for the city centre. We had no idea where we were going and so when the bus seemed to terminate at one of the busstops and people started piling out we followed suit. It turned out that there was some sort of taxi strike and the bus had been stuck behind a convoy of taxis in the main street. We walked into the main square where it was busy with midday shopping crowds and tried without much success to locate the tourist info office. My husband was running late for his lunch appointment and so we parted company and arranged to meet up later.

Loll and I explored the main shopping square and tried to find somewhere quiet for lunch. However, every cafe I passed seemed either too full or baby unfriendly and so we ended up in Burger King for some really disgusting food. After lunch we headed back out in to the streets and wandered about. I was asked to help with some market research by about 3 different people but they didn’t want to know me once I told them I was Australian!!

Hubby was about 15 minutes late meeting us and we went straight to a cafe to warm up when he arrived. He had been wined and dined at his luncheon which made me feel jealous! He had been given 150 pounds to spend on books by CUP and we decided to pick them up from their bookshop. We had a lovely time wandering about the store choosing books and even Loll got some kids books and I got a new organiser. The only drag was that we needed to carry them around with us!!

After we left the CUP shop we walked through the different colleges. Crocuses and daffodils were in full bloom and so the college grounds were alive with colour - it was quite beautiful. Once it started to get dark we thought it best to get some dinner before setting off back to London. We went into the first restaurant that we came across and had some pizza. After an early dinner we headed off on foot back to the railway station, of course we passed numerous restaurants on the way - most reasonable priced too, typical!!

At the station it was a bit confusing and so we just missed a train and had to wait for the next one. Once on the train we found ourselves seated across from some Cambridge uni students and judging from their conversation it seems that even students in such a prestiguous institution skip classes! They were obviously headed for a big night out in London whereas we were headed home to Kensington to bed.

Near Kings’ College, Cambridge - dressed for the cold!

kings college cambridge


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