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Well we are just back from a driving trip from Sydney to Melbourne and back - over 1600kms in total. And we survived! I’m going to post a travel story about it in the coming week or two.
We are also beginning to plan another overseas trip - this time to the west coast of the […]

Learn from my mistakes - Paris part 2

Migraines and air travel don’t mix.On the day of our big flight I was attempting to keep a bad migraine at bay with headache tablets. I even stocked up with some more at the chemist in the departure lounge. But still it was there, throbbing away.
We boarded our Qantas plane from Sydney to Bangkok the […]

Learn from my mistakes - Part IV - Paris 2003

After over 24 hours in the air we finally touched down at Paris-CDG Airport on a cold November morning. As we followed a group of Canadian exchange students through immigration into the baggage hall I felt my migraine ebb slightly. We had arrived!As we watched everyone else pick up the luggage from the carousel I […]

Learn from my mistakes - Part 3 - Bangkok to London

Even though, at four and a half, Loll had long since been toilet trained, I decided that it was safer for him to wear a pull-up on the plane is case of accidents. I was also worried that he might “really need to go” during turbulence when we would be unable to leave our seats. […]

Europe 2003 - learn from my mistakes! Part I

Sometimes, in spite of all your planning and good intentions, things go wrong. Our trip to Europe (Paris, Amsterdam and London) in November 2003 in a good example. A series of (what seem to be now) almost comical errors made this trip one never to forget.
I’ll be writing up this trip over the next few […]

Riding the teacups - Disneyland Paris - 2003

When you grow up in Australia, at the bottom of the world, other countries seem a long, long way away. When I was a small child, a trip to Disneyland - something that many Americans take for granted - seemed an impossibility. Few people that I knew had ever been overseas. And yet we all […]

Lessons learned - Adelaide 2006

Not every trip is going to turn out as well as you think it might - even with the best planning.Our trip to Adelaide this past weekend was the perfect example.
Everything was packed and ready to go the night before. We had an early flight (840am) and left home at just before 630 - plenty […]

Waiting for baggage - Adelaide 2004

I’ve spent a lot of time waiting for bags in airports and I’ve managed to lose my bags on several occasions (I am a pro at filling in baggage claim forms in several languages!). My family always joke that I am cursed when it comes to travel and bags.
In February 2004 we took Loll on […]

It had to happen … part 2

ravel stories - Perth 2006This entry has been delayed by the loss of my notebook - I managed to leave it on the table in a busy cafe last week.
After our disastrous flight over to Perth I was hoping for a much less eventful return flight. My mum took the kids to the local park […]

Cambridge - March 2000

We had planned to make an early start to our trip to Cambridge but somehow managed to sleep in! Still we rushed about getting organised and caught the Tube to Kings Cross station where we purchased day return tickets to Cambridge. After a spot of confusion and wandering between platforms we found our train. Luckily […]