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Learn from my mistakes - Paris part 2

Migraines and air travel don’t mix.On the day of our big flight I was attempting to keep a bad migraine at bay with headache tablets. I even stocked up with some more at the chemist in the departure lounge. But still it was there, throbbing away.
We boarded our Qantas plane from Sydney to Bangkok the […]

Learn from my mistakes - Part IV - Paris 2003

After over 24 hours in the air we finally touched down at Paris-CDG Airport on a cold November morning. As we followed a group of Canadian exchange students through immigration into the baggage hall I felt my migraine ebb slightly. We had arrived!As we watched everyone else pick up the luggage from the carousel I […]

Learn from my mistakes - Part 3 - Bangkok to London

Even though, at four and a half, Loll had long since been toilet trained, I decided that it was safer for him to wear a pull-up on the plane is case of accidents. I was also worried that he might “really need to go” during turbulence when we would be unable to leave our seats. […]

Europe 2003 - learn from my mistakes! Part I

Sometimes, in spite of all your planning and good intentions, things go wrong. Our trip to Europe (Paris, Amsterdam and London) in November 2003 in a good example. A series of (what seem to be now) almost comical errors made this trip one never to forget.
I’ll be writing up this trip over the next few […]

Riding the teacups - Disneyland Paris - 2003

When you grow up in Australia, at the bottom of the world, other countries seem a long, long way away. When I was a small child, a trip to Disneyland - something that many Americans take for granted - seemed an impossibility. Few people that I knew had ever been overseas. And yet we all […]

Theme Parks Paris

by Audrey Akeman
Planning a trip to France with the kids but don’t know where to go? Looking for theme park excitement in Europe to rival that of America? Then why not visit Paris – not only is it one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but it also has two great theme parks […]