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Tip - infant meals

Just because you buy an infant ticket doesn’t mean that a meal is ordered automatically. Make sure you order an infant meal when booking your tickets. Double check that your meal has been ordered when checking in and again once you are on the plane (before takeoff!)

Minimum age for newborn to fly

So what’s the minimum age for a newborn baby to take a flight?
There is no standard minimum age restriction for babies flying on aircraft. These restrictions are set by individual airlines - for example on Air Canada a baby must be 7 days old, whereas on Alaska Airlines there is no age restriction. Some airlines […]

Best time to fly - part I

One of the most frequently asked questions about travelling with an infant is what is the best time to fly.

There are lots of differing opinions on this matter, however I believe that it really depends not only on the age of your child, but also on the sleeping habits of your child.

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