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Tip - infant meals

Just because you buy an infant ticket doesn’t mean that a meal is ordered automatically. Make sure you order an infant meal when booking your tickets. Double check that your meal has been ordered when checking in and again once you are on the plane (before takeoff!)

Tip - meals

Infant and childrens’ meals are “special” meals and often the cabin staff will mark the back of a seat with a little sticker to indicate a “special” - so if you see them marking other seats and not yours - ask!

Tip - meal times

If you are traveling with a partner do a baby swap at mealtimes. One person holds baby while the other eats and you swap when you are done. Ask the cabin crew to hold aside a meal for the person holding the baby.

Tip - arriving and disembarking

If you are not in a rush then wait on the plane for everyone else to disembark so that you have time to gather all your belongings

Tip - arriving

Always carry a spare t-shirt for yourself and your partner in case of spills on the plane (extremely likely if you have a lapsit baby!). Get changed once you land - chances are that you will have a long wait at immigration and at the baggage carousel anyway. I generally avoid using the toilets before […]

Tip - passport control

Fill in your entry cards before the plane lands. Make sure you have filled in both sides and every section - don’t forget to sign it! This saves a lot of time at immigration control.

Tip - passports

Have all of your passports in a readily accessible spot - I like to put my entry card inside my passport (and the kids) to mark the photo page. This makes it easier for the customs officer and gets you through the process quicker.

Do You Make These Air Travel Mistakes?

You’re sitting at home thinking about tomorrow’s plane journey. Remember last time ? Remember how you felt when you arrived ? Aggravated, stressed, hot, tired, needing a couple of days to recover ? Did you make these mistakes ?