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The worst part of the flight

In my experience the worst part of the flight is from when you board the plane until after the meal (or refreshment) service.During this time you are pretty much confined to your seat and if you are seated in bulkhead seat then your carry-on luggage must stay in the overhead locker until the “captain turns […]


Bassinets vary in size and comfort between airlines and even between aircraft from the same airlines. Some airlines, such as British Airways, have special combo seats that resemble a bouncer, complete with a 5 point harness while others are a simple pull-down shelf with a big of padding.
Most bassinettes are not suitable for toddlers due […]

Infant seat belts

Belly Belts
Babies under 2 are not generally given a seat and must sit on your lap. You may be lucky enough to have a spare seat next to you but during takeoff and landing your baby will need to restrained.
Most airlines will offer you a lap belt that you attach to your own […]

Seat pocket essentials

When I take my seat on the plane I find it useful to pull out the things that I am most likely to need during the flight and place them in the pocket of the seat in front of you (located on the bulkhead wall for bulkhead seats). I call these the seat pocket essentials. […]

Dressing baby for the flight

Tips on how to dress baby for a long haul flight


Generally speaking your stroller will need to be checked in as luggage. Some airlines and airports allow you to take your stroller to the gate. They will then place it in the plane’s hold (cargo area).


Many airlines still allow people with babies and small children to board before everyone else. This means that you avoid the inevitable queuing and crowding in the aisles and get first choice of the overhead lockers. However, it also means that you are on the plane for a longer amount of time.If you have a […]

Delayed flights

Even the best travel plans can come undone when it comes to connecting flights. Airlines often consider as little as 45 minutes to be a valid connection and while this may be no problem if your plane arrives on time, the airport is small and you are familiar with its layout - if your flight […]

Cancelled flights and passenger rights

So what happens if your flight is canceled?


Airlines are getting better at providing information on their websites for passengers. If you are intending on flying with Qantas then take a look at their infant and children’s info section on their website. They even have a special section for the Wiggles and Narnia and you can see the contents of their travel activity […]