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Dressing baby for the flight

If you’re going on a long haul flight then chances are that you will be flying from one season to another. So what you wear before and on the flight is not appropriate for when you arrive. I find it easier to go from a cold climate to a hot one rather than the opposite way around. This is because it is easy to shed layers of clothing but more often than not I underestimate how much colder it will be going into a cooler climate. This is especially true when flying to the Northern Hemisphere during their winter - for some reason I always forget how *cold* it will be!Temperatures on board aircraft tend to be fairly consistent - although the airconditioning can fluctuate and it can be chilly or stuffy. Layers are the best way to dress both yourself and your baby - that way you can shed layers if it gets too stuffy or put more on if the temperature dips.

I have always dressed my babies in either a cotton onesie/bodysuit or a full romper. If you opt for a onesie then a pair of light cotton leggings or track pants over the top with a pair of socks will keep baby warm should it get chilly. I would also suggest taking off the pants and socks before you take baby to be changed as it will give you one less thing to do in the squashy cubicle. Whatever you choose to dress your baby in, just make sure that the nappy/diaper area is easily accessible.

As for yourself - well who am I to tell you what to wear LOL?! Just make sure you are going to be comfy in your outfit, especially on those 24 hr flights. Take a cardigan or sweater in case it gets chilly. And don’t forget to pack a spare t-shirt!

alt textZavvy, dressed to fly from an Australian winter to a European summer


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