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Delayed flights

Even the best travel plans can come undone when it comes to connecting flights. Airlines often consider as little as 45 minutes to be a valid connection and while this may be no problem if your plane arrives on time, the airport is small and you are familiar with its layout - if your flight is delayed and your next flight leaves from the other side of the airport or another terminal then chances are that you could miss your flight (or you may make the flight but your bags may not).It’s not a complete disaster to miss a flight but it is a major pain. If you miss a transcontinental flight you may find yourself stranded overnight as the airline may only fly your route once a day (or in some cases only a few times a week). At best you will be rerouted and late - at worst you could find yourself stranded at the airport looking for accomodation. In either case it’s likely that you won’t see your bags until your destination (and not even then!) which is why it’s a good idea to follow my tips for packing your cabin bag.

Airlines don’t necessarily have to pay for your accomodation if you are stranded. This is usually outlined in their “terms of carriage” (eg see JAL). Your travel insurance may reimburse you if the airline won’t but you will still need to pay upfront.

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