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Bassinets vary in size and comfort between airlines and even between aircraft from the same airlines. Some airlines, such as British Airways, have special combo seats that resemble a bouncer, complete with a 5 point harness while others are a simple pull-down shelf with a big of padding.

Most bassinettes are not suitable for toddlers due to their weight restrictions and their length. Keep in mind that during takeoff, landing and turbulence, your baby will not be able to use the bassinette. It also blockes access to the aisle and so you may find yourself having to climb over seats to get out.TIP – If you are on a plane with individual TV screens and you are going to use the bassinette make sure that you pull up the TV screen before the bassinette is installed, otherwise you won’t be able to watch TV!

Check with your airline about weight restrictions (airlines such as JAL have info on their website) and whether you can pre-book a bassinette – some airlines give them out on a first in, best dressed basis on the day and others give them out according to baby’s age.

Skycot (British Airways, photo taken 2000 on a 747-400)

Bassinette on JAL


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