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Infant meals

Some airlines provide infant meals - mostly on international routes. Quality and appropriateness vary between airlines and even on different legs of the flight.

TIP - just because you buy an infant ticket doesn’t mean that a meal is ordered automatically. Make sure you order an infant meal when booking your tickets. Double check that your […]

Other people and your baby

Watch people’s faces as you board a plane with a baby. Most people will have a look of panic and you can almost hear them chanting “please don’t sit next to me!”.Babies have a bad reputation. Nearly everyone has a bad baby story and you just need to take a look at any business traveller […]

Changing baby on a plane

The baby change facilities in most aircraft are basic and inadequate.
A change table is often not available in every toilet (some smaller aircraft don’t even have a change table on the entire plane) so this may mean waiting in the inevitable toilet queues - and don’t expect people to let you in front of them […]

Airline safety card

I went through a stage of being a really nervous flyer. Nervous to the extent of almost throwing up before boarding a plane and sitting in my seat praying that the plane wouldn’t crash. Unfortunately this phase coincided with the round-the-world trip that my husband and I took in 1998. In a one month period […]

The worst part of the flight

In my experience the worst part of the flight is from when you board the plane until after the meal (or refreshment) service.During this time you are pretty much confined to your seat and if you are seated in bulkhead seat then your carry-on luggage must stay in the overhead locker until the “captain turns […]


Bassinets vary in size and comfort between airlines and even between aircraft from the same airlines. Some airlines, such as British Airways, have special combo seats that resemble a bouncer, complete with a 5 point harness while others are a simple pull-down shelf with a big of padding.
Most bassinettes are not suitable for toddlers due […]

Infant seat belts

Belly Belts
Babies under 2 are not generally given a seat and must sit on your lap. You may be lucky enough to have a spare seat next to you but during takeoff and landing your baby will need to restrained.
Most airlines will offer you a lap belt that you attach to your own […]

Seat pocket essentials

When I take my seat on the plane I find it useful to pull out the things that I am most likely to need during the flight and place them in the pocket of the seat in front of you (located on the bulkhead wall for bulkhead seats). I call these the seat pocket essentials. […]

Dressing baby for the flight

Tips on how to dress baby for a long haul flight


Generally speaking your stroller will need to be checked in as luggage. Some airlines and airports allow you to take your stroller to the gate. They will then place it in the plane’s hold (cargo area).