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Traveling with a Baby-What Were You Thinking?


By Eriani Doyel


Once you start making preparations for traveling with a baby, you may begin to have second thoughts about the trip. But, do not despair! Parents have been traveling with a baby in tow for thousands of years, and that experience is available to help you now. Here are some of the simplest tips for traveling with a baby:


1. Get a passport. You may not know that if you are traveling with a baby out of the country you need a passport. The baby cannot travel on your passport. You will need documentation such as a certified birth certificate to get the baby a passport, but the baby will not need to be present in person at the passport office to apply. You will also need proper identification for yourself to get your baby a passport. Alternative identification methods are listed on the government’s passport website.


2. Do not get caught without diapers when traveling with a baby. Whatever number of diapers you think you will need for your trip, add 3 per day more. It will not hurt and it can be a lifesaver. Bring several changes of clothing when you are traveling with a baby-both for the baby and for yourself-because accidents happen. You should also bring some plastic bags to put soiled clothing and diapers in until you can take care of them. Bring lots of wipes and hand sanitizer for diaper changes and other messes as well.


3. Bring plenty of food when traveling with a baby. You should bring formula, finger foods, etc. in individually packaged portions so that they are easy to use and accessible. Again, bring more than you think you will need. You should also bring any medication that your baby needs with a dosing spoon or dropper.


4. It is always a good idea to have some new toys or books to bring out at stressful or boring parts of the trip.


5. You can buy a seat for your infant on an airplane at up to a 50 percent discount. Although this is not required for children under two, it is highly recommended. Make sure the seat is rated safe for air travel.


6. There are many companies which will deliver diapers, strollers, wipes, etc. to wherever you are staying on your vacation if you don’t feel like packing yourself.


Eriani Doyel writes articles about Leisure and Travel. For more information about traveling with a baby visit ubetraveling.com.


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