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International Travel Tips For The Best Family Vacations - Part 2

by Jim Johnson


Traveling abroad has it’s own rewards and challenges and it’s good to think and plan ahead for any trip outside the boundaries of your own country if you don’t want unpleasant surprises to crop up. In Part 1 of this article series we covered several tips on what paperwork may be needed as you travel, how to prepare for driving an auto in a foreign country, medical insurance concerns and much more. Now here are more international travel tips that can help you have the best family vacations while you are abroad:


* Most major credit cards are often accepted in foreign countries, but just be sure that the ones you have can be used successfully everywhere you intend to go. It may also be a good idea to notify your credit card companies in advance that you are leaving the country and how long you plan to be gone just so they do not flag your account and deny charges due to suspicion of fraudulent activity.


* Credit cards are also beneficial to use in many cases since the credit card companies will handle all conversion rates for you, which can save you a lot of money because of not having to make those kind of complicated money conversion calculations on your own whenever you buy anything.


* Try to drink bottled water as much as you can to avoid sickness while on the trip. Water quality can vary considerably from one country or even one area to another, so protect yourself by drinking as much bottled water as you can while on the trip. And avoid putting ice cubes in your drinks as they are usually made with local water and will melt in your drink.


* If you have some health concerns that require treatment, be sure to carry a copy of your medical history along with you in case it may be necessary to get treatment while you are away.


* If you have food allergies, find out how you pronounce the words to describe that food in that country’s language so you can be sure to avoid those foods while you are on your trip.


* Remember that Medicare and Medicaid do not pay for any treatment given outside the US, so determine in advance if additional coverage is needed and purchase trip insurance before you leave in that case.


* If you carry cash while away, it’s often a good idea to keep it in a security belt rather than a wallet that is in your pocket. There are many pickpockets in foreign countries that are tremendously skilled in separating you from your money if it isn’t well guarded.


Be sure to read Part 3 of this article series to get even more valuable international travel tips that can help you have the best family vacations.


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