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Getting off the plane

Have you ever noticed the way that everyone jumps to their feet the minute the plane rolls to a stop and clamber over each other to get their bags down from the overhead locker only to wait in a queue to disembark? Even if they make it through immigration control quicker than everyone else, most people are going to end up waiting for their bags (which always seem to take longer to come out the earlier you arrive at the carousel).It’s no fun standing squished in a queue with a baby and for that reason we always wait until the plane is almost empty before getting up from our seats. You are more likely to be able to get assistance from the cabin crew if you are one of the last off the plane (as they want to get off themselves) and it gives you a better chance of rounding up loose items without being bumped into or pressured to move out of the way. It also gives ground staff time to bring your stroller up from the plane’s hold if you asked for gate delivery.
In the hour or so before landing, once the last meal is cleared and everyone else is lining up for the toilet , I take the opportunity to start repacking the cabin bags and clearing up all the mess (empty cups, packaging, tissues etc) in the plastic shopping bag as well as filling in the immigration cards and getting our passports ready in an accessible place. That way all we have to do is scoop up the little items like bottles and dummies/pacifiers and grab baby and the bags and get off the plane.

Of course, if you don’t have the luxury of time because you have a connecting flight then you should have everything ready and join the swarming masses in the queues. Unfortunately not everyone is mindful of small children and it can get quite pushy - so it’s usually best to carry toddlers until you get out to the main area of the airport.


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