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Packing tip!

Take a cardigan or sweater in case it gets chilly on the plane. And don’t forget to pack a spare t-shirt for yourself in case of spills!

Packing tip

Pack enough essential supplies for the first two days after you arrive. This allows you to get over jetlag without worrying about finding a store.

Packing tip!

Pack a plastic shopping bag in your cabin luggage to use as a garbage bag during the flight.

Tip - at the airport

If you are able to take your stroller to the gate then it will need to pass through the security gates and will be searched. Your baby will also need to be taken out of the stroller and carried through the security gates - even if they are asleep. Make sure you don’t have too […]

Tip - boarding the plane

If you aren’t going to pre-board then wait until most of the other passengers have boarded so that you don’t get stuck in the traffic jam inside the plane.

Tip - on the plane

If you are on a plane with individual TV screens and you are going to use the bassinette make sure that you pull up the TV screen before the bassinette is installed, otherwise you won’t be able to watch TV!

Tip - toilets

The toilets are their busiest after the trays have been collected from meal service (all those free glasses of wine and second cups of tea or coffee!) and for the hour before landing (people using those free toothbrushes to freshen up). The toilets are at their quietest when the lights go out as people are […]

Direct vs Non-stop flights

The airline industry has its own terminology which can be confusing for the average traveller. One of the main examples is the different terms “direct” and “non-stop” flights. They can be the same thing, but often they are not.
A direct flight implies that it flies from A to B without stopping - but this isn’t […]

Tip - infant meals

Just because you buy an infant ticket doesn’t mean that a meal is ordered automatically. Make sure you order an infant meal when booking your tickets. Double check that your meal has been ordered when checking in and again once you are on the plane (before takeoff!)

Tip - meals

Infant and childrens’ meals are “special” meals and often the cabin staff will mark the back of a seat with a little sticker to indicate a “special” - so if you see them marking other seats and not yours - ask!