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Lessons learned - Adelaide 2006

Not every trip is going to turn out as well as you think it might - even with the best planning.Our trip to Adelaide this past weekend was the perfect example.

Everything was packed and ready to go the night before. We had an early flight (840am) and left home at just before 630 - plenty of time (or so we thought). But we got stuck in peak hour traffic and arrived at the long term carpark at just on 8am. Luckily a shuttle bus was slowly making its way around the carpark and we were able to run ahead and catch it. Our flight had been called but we were booked on. Then it was off through security:

Tip 1 - don’t wear our big metal buckled belt on a plane trip - even if it is groovy looking as you will need to take it off

Tip 2 - teach your 6 year old to walk through the security gate and wait on the other side away from the other people pushing through

As we were late we had been separated on the plane and I found myself squashed between 2 strangers in the back row with a toddler on my lap. Our plane was a 737-800 and let me tell you, there is virtually no legroom to speak about. You soon become well aquainted with the people next to you

Tip 3 - the sick bag makes a great distractive toy. Use it as a puppet or play “hide mummy’s mobile phone (switched off, of course)”

Tip 4 - be nice to the cabin crew and they may feel sorry for you and let you move to an empty row (on a supposedly “full” plane) after takeoff


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